Niagara Falls At 13 Degrees Below Zero Is Shockingly Beautiful

During the 2014 polar vortex, Niagara Falls went through a flash freeze which saw almost all of the falls area completely frozen over. The ice formed all kinds of incredible shapes while the mighty roaring water still managed to carve its way through the thick ice.

The temperatures became so extremely cold that the water actually stopped flowing completely, two separate times during the polar vortex winter. This led to many astonished onlookers seeing Niagara at a very uncharacteristic stand-still. This freezing actually affected a good portion of people living in the area near the falls in both Canada and the U.S.

Back in 1848, the falls at Niagara stopped for so long that the actual riverbed became dry. The people in the surrounding area panicked because there was no water to turn the water wheels which powered the all-important factories and lumber mills. In the end, the stoppage was due to a massive ice-blockage at the northeastern tip of Lake Erie, essentially becoming an ice dam.

But today, Niagara Falls is flowing just fine.

Check out the awesome video below to remind yourself just how cold 2014 was!

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