Men Trap Word Record-Breaking Burmese Python In Florida Everglades

The Florida Everglades is home to incredible and diverse wildlife. Unfortunately, the area is under threat from human activity and invasive species, such as the Burmese python.

To help manage the Burmese python population, the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission allow people to trap and kill the species. They also hire trappers to help manage them.

Photo: Flickr/. Ray in Manila License: CC BY 2.0

Recently, trappers made news when one caught a massive 16ft python with 60+ eggs inside her.

While 16 feet is quite impressive, a group of trappers called the Glades Boys recently broke a world record when they pulled in a 19ft Burmese python!

Photo: Instagram/@gladeboys

“Have you heard? The Glades Boys are official world-record holders! Measuring in at 19 feet, this monster is the longest Burmese Python on record. Captured in Collier County at about 1:00am on 7/10/23,” they shared on Instagram.

In a separate post, they shared a video of the capture with the caption: “NEW WORLD RECORD BURMESE PYTHON! Big thanks to @thepythonhuntress for helping us tape up the mouth up on this big female.”

The video is quite intense and shows one of the trappers literally wrestling with the snake on the ground.

The man gets his hands around the python’s neck, but it curls its body around him. It’s unclear who would’ve won if it’d just been the two of them, but the trapper had backup, and they helped the man pull the snake from his body.

You can see the exciting clip below:

According to NPR, the 19ft snake weighed in at a whopping 125 pounds! They noted that the previous record was set in 2020. That python was caught in the Everglades and measured in at 18 feet and 9 inches long and and weighed 104 pounds.

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