#Reviewforscience Will Show You What These Items Are REALLY Used For

9. Dental floss

Healthy hygiene is, by some accounts, the secret to a long and happy life.

Just ask 9 out of 10 dentists. They’ll recommend you carry dental floss everywhere you go. The tenth may, as well, but she’s less concerned with rustling plaque as she is rustling lizards.

“Works great as noose to collect small lizards,” writes reviewer Sarah Pierce, community scientist at the University of Nottingham, England. “Pretty durable but can snag on undergrowth. No comment from lizards on mint flavour.”

Don’t forget to brush.

8. Christmas Tree Lights

You may string a few lights around the holidays, or you may put the Griswolds to shame. There’s no measure of success when it comes to making your home look merry and bright, apart from getting the things to turn on.

But don’t pack them away just yet.

Season’s greetings aren’t the only reason you may want to keep those lights around. Particularly if you’re hoping to set the mood.

For mosquitoes, that is.

“We couldn’t get triseriatus mosquitoes to mate in the lab,” Museum professional turned science journalist Erin Ross wrote. “Then, we hung these mood lights. No more forced mating!”

Now you have reason to keep the lights up until at least Valentine’s Day.

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