Adorable Rhino Calf Runs Circles Around Her Tired Mom

A mother’s job is never done – not even in the animal kingdom. For those females out there who are mothers, the role is one that never ends. Moms everywhere, whether they’re human or animal, are always on the clock making sure that their children are safe and stay out of trouble.

Of course, as a mom, you can’t be too strict all the time. You need to let your kid have a little bit of fun. And that is exactly what one rhino mom, Jamila, seemed to be doing as her calf got a bit of a wild hair and took to running amuck around their enclosure.

In the Auckland Zoo, a very active little rhino decided that she was going to entertain herself with a round of the roomies as she literally ran circles around poor Jamila. The older rhino mom just wanted to enjoy a little mid-afternoon snack, but she also had to keep an eye on her baby, who is only weeks old.

The very energetic infant also happens to be the first rhino calf to be born to the Aukland Zoo in twenty years! That is quite the milestone and is a wonderful winning moment for the Australian zoo’s breeding program.

Watch the adorable footage below:

Anastasia is an American writer and journalist living in Dublin, Ireland. Her Twitter is @AnastasiaArell5.

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