An Animal Rescuer Inspiringly Cares for Orphaned Baby Rhinos Together With Her Cat

Witnessing organizations and individuals make efforts to provide the best life for orphaned animals is truly inspiring. They have given them the childhood they deserve after losing their parents. It’s difficult for young animals to survive independently in the wild. They need a home where all their needs are provided without missing a day. Thankfully, in orphanages, sanctuaries, and rehabilitation centers, they allow animals to roam freely. They are kept in the area until they are completely ready to live in their natural habitat.

Photo: Youtube/The Dodo

Humans who closely interact with them somehow become their parents. The caretaker builds a strong friendship with the orphans, especially when they fully gain their trust. It might be challenging to take care of wild animals, but it is surely fulfilling. Your days are full of lessons, fun, and unconditional love from the animals under your care. Jamie Traynor, a volunteer worker from The Rhino Orphanage and a vet student, can attest to that. Her interview with The Dodo has truly shown how she loves her work and how she’s adored by the rhinos in the orphanage. The young animals were exceptionally sweet with Jamie — they were undoubtedly showered with affection and care by her.

Photo: Youtube/The Dodo

“The different personalities that they have. They make you laugh all the time,” Jamie said. She also shared that some are so naughty while others talk back. Despite their naughtiness, they were all well-loved and given parental care. From the very start, the orphanage’s priority was their comfort. “When we pick them up, they don’t know what’s happening, and they’ve lost their mom. We blindfold them, and we put earplugs in, ‘cause that reduces their stress. Rhinos need a lot of our help because the poaching has just skyrocketed. So much has been put on rhino horn and how valuable it is when rhino horn is made of keratin, which is the same as your hair and fingernails. It’s sad how it’s destroying the rhino population,” Jamie explained.

Interestingly, the rhino rescuer isn’t the only one ensuring the wellness of the orphans. Jamie has included her cat, Mewie, who has captured the heart of a baby rhino named Jamila. Before she arrived at the orphanage, poachers had already traumatized her with a machete. She sadly lost her horn at a very young age. They concluded that the baby rhino was protecting her mom during the attack. While Jamie babysat the small Jamilla, Mewie joined in, and since then, they have become best friends. The feline is present whether they’re in the sleeping quarters or walking outdoors. They indeed formed an adorable relationship regardless of their differences.

Photo: Youtube/The Dodo

Jamila has already grown accustomed to the routine in the orphanage. But one day, she will be released, which is the main goal. “And they get weaned at 16 months. They’ll start exploring the bush on their own. Just to let them be rhinos and run around and play in a mud wallow. And then at about 3 years old, they’re ready to be released into a more controlled reserve and they have hectic security around them all the time,” Jamie shared.

Photo: Youtube/The Dodo

The vet student certainly did well with her job and is clearly meant for the position. With Jamie’s presence in the orphanage, the rhinos had a fun-filled and warm childhood. The baby rhinos are one of her motivations for finishing four years of veterinary school. “It was a very difficult decision to make, but when I finally finish in four years’ time, I’ll be able to do a lot more for rhinos as a vet,” she said. Jamie also mentioned her mission and vision for South Africa’s wildlife. Watch her inspiring work with her cat Mewie in the video below.

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