Robot Spy Beaver Befriends Sweet Beaver Family And Their Muskrat Friend

The animal kingdom is really incredible, but it’s not often we get an inside-look at what happens when humans aren’t around.

John Downer Productions shared a clip of the robot spy beaver taken from episode 2, “The North,” of the second series of “Spy in the Wild,” narrated by David Tennant, and you can see inside the world of a beaver family in the wild.

Photo: YouTube/John Downer Productions

JDP wrote in the description, “Summer has arrived in the forests of Germany. This is the time beavers raise their young but they are weary of strangers. Will Robotic Spy Beaver be accepted into this family?”

In the video, you can see the robotic beaver approaching the family. Thankfully, he passes their “friend or foe” test and is allowed to hang out with them.

Photo: YouTube/John Downer Productions

Since the spy beaver is equipped with a camera, you get an inside look at the life of a beaver!

What’s extra special is that the beaver family was joined by their muskrat friend in the water and on land. It seems they get along just fine and the robotic beaver was able to document that.

Photo: YouTube/John Downer Productions

The beavers worked hard swimming in the water and gnawing on trees. It’s not everyday you get to see the life of a beaver family so close and personal.

Check out the sweet video below:

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