This Meteor Lit Up The Russian Sky In The Most Unbelieveable Way

Imagine driving along the road during the night, and suddenly a giant fireball flies overhead and is so bright that it literally makes it look like the middle of the afternoon. Some people might say they saw a celestial being, an alien, a UFO — or just realize that it was actually an extremely bright-burning meteor coming through the earth’s atmosphere.

The small town of Sayanogorsk had the best view of the object as it sped through the night sky.

“At about 18:37 a flying shining object was seen over the territory of the town followed by the sound of a blast. And of course there was an earth shock,” said the head of Sayanogorsk administration in a televised statement, Leonid Bykov, according to Reuters.

The short video shows an incredible scene, one that is definitely not typical of a normal shooting star that you might see while laying on a beach at night to do some simple stargazing.

Take a look!

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