Lucy the Selfie Dog Escapes Shelter Life to Become Internet Sensation

A dog named Lucy has become an internet sensation, thanks to her unique ear markings that astonishingly resemble her own face.

This 7-year-old Pitbull mix’s story is not just about her viral fame but the joy and surprises that rescue pets can bring into our lives.

A Miraculous Discovery

The story of Lucy starts in a less than auspicious setting. Born to a stray mother named Daisy at Lollypop Farm, Lucy was one of several puppies welcomed into the world on a frigid Rochester night. Daisy, emaciated and flea-ridden, could have been a harbinger of a bleak future for her litter. Yet, in this unlikely setting, Lucy’s remarkable journey began.

As the farm reports, it was Cassidy Johnson, a Clarksville resident, who stumbled upon Lucy during a shelter visit. Johnson had no intention of adopting that day but was drawn to Lucy’s endearing demeanor.

An employee’s keen observation unveiled what soon became Lucy’s claim to fame—a distinct marking on her ear resembling a “selfie” of herself, the Pedestrian reports. This discovery propelled Lucy to internet fame, with her story being featured on various platforms, including Inside Edition and the Australian Today Show.

The Life of a Viral Sensation

Despite her newfound fame, Lucy remains the sweet, cuddly dog her family fell in love with. Johnson describes her to Fox News as a “huge couch potato” who enjoys playing fetch when she’s not basking in affection. Lucy’s Instagram, @selfie_pup, has become a platform for her to connect with her 11,000 followers, sharing moments from her daily life and adventures in Rochester.

More Than Just a Cute Face

Lucy’s story shows us the resilience of rescue animals and the unexpected joy they can bring. Her ear may bear her selfie, but it’s her spirit that captures hearts. As Lucy continues to enjoy her life with her loving family, her story serves as a reminder of the countless other animals in shelters, waiting for their chance to bring joy and surprise to someone’s life.

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