Snowy Owl Makes Appearance In New York City’s Park For The First Time Since 1890

Many people who live in New York feel as if they have seen it all, but that doesn’t include a snowy owl. After all, it has been more than a century since one has been seen in the city, but that changed on Wednesday.

Witnesses spotted the snowy owl on the North Meadow ball field and managed to take some pictures.

The snowy owl is not one to typically be found in a city space, although it may be found elsewhere on Long Island or habitat that has more open air.

Photo: Twitter /BillRegner

After hearing about the appearance of the snowy owl, many people rushed to see if they could spot the bird for themselves.

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If you happen to see one in the area, be sure not to disturb the bird. Leave it alone and give it plenty of space.

Photo: Unsplash

According to NBC New York, Kellye Rosenheim, the director of development at the NYC Audubon Society, said: “You’ve got to keep a respectful distance. They’re easily spooked and it is absolutely essential to their survival that they’re able to rest during the day.”

Photo: Twitter / NYCParks

A representative with the New York City Department of Parks & Recreation also said that the snowy owl is best viewed through binoculars or perhaps the scope because they like their personal space.

I can relate.

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