Two Thirsty Cobras Were Ready to Attack, But This Man Still Bravely Showed Kindness

Climate change increases the Earth’s temperature, bringing extreme heat, especially during the summer. Even the countries accustomed to hot weather are having a difficult time adjusting to the temperature rise. Animals are just as affected as humans. However, it’s more challenging for them because their water source dries up during extreme heat. Wild animals are more exhausted from finding shade or cold areas. Cooling down is vital for survival; otherwise, the animal could die from heatstroke. Summer is now a stressful season for them — affecting their mood and making them more defensive.

Photo: Unsplash/Markus Spiske

For this reason, it’s best to help them by leaving bowls of water at accessible places. You can also build small shades where they could stay, especially during heat waves. A man from the Korba District of Chhattisgarh understood the struggle. The head of the Wildlife Rescue Team, Jitendra Sarathi, along with the other members, were amidst returning two cobras to their natural habitat. It was hot and humid, so he brought a water bottle. They carried the two cobras inside a box that they planned to leave on the forest floor. Everything was going well until Jitendra tried to open the box so the cobras could freely get out.

Photo: Twitter/Susanta Nanda

Apparently, the terrifying snakes were prepared to attack. When the box opened, the two spread their hoods and went into defensive mode. Anyone would back down and move far away, but Jitendra knew better — it had something to do with the hot weather. Due to being cold-blooded, snakes are highly sensitive to hot weather, which explains their behavior. Despite the threat, he showed them kindness by offering water. He tipped the bottle on the cobra’s mouth and quenched its thirst. Fascinatingly, it calmed them down, and Jitendra wasn’t harmed at all.

The clip was shared on Twitter by IFS officer Susanta Nanda. He uploaded the video with the caption, “Love & Water. Two best ingredients of life.” You could tell that Jitendra was genuinely concerned for the cobras. He even guided its head so it can properly drink from the water bottle. It takes immense courage to show kindness to an animal that can easily attack you. They were in close proximity, but Jitendra made them feel safe and understood. Twitter users applauded the generosity but were also concerned for his safety.

Photo: Twitter/Susanta Nanda

Jitendra was able to spread awareness about the effects of extreme heat on animals. However, if you are not a trained professional, it’s best to just leave water bowls around your area. Snakes, especially cobras, are still dangerous — provide help at a safe distance.

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