This Excited Wild Foal Jumping Around In Slow Motion Will Make Your Day!

An adorable wild foal is in such a good mood and cannot even contain his excitement. He runs and hops around in an adorable delight and it’s so cute to watch! These horses are filmed in the Oostvaardersplassen in the Netherlands, a nature reserve which is managed by the State Forestry Service.

Before the establishment of the reserve, this area was a nursery for willow trees and hundreds of seedlings could be found on each square meter. This brought concern that a dense woodland would develop which would significantly reduce the value of the habitat for water birds. To prevent this problem, park managers brought in a number of large herbivores to keep the area more open, including Konik ponies, red deer and Heck cattle. These grazing animals are kept in the open and are allowed to behave as wild animals.

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